MacIntyres Big Sting

Wicked program on now, he sets up an Audi A6 first unlocked with laptop, satnav etc and lots of covert cameras, puts a tracker on all goods and sits and waits… only for an hour and laptops nicked, follows it on tracker and knocks on a door with overt cameras and gets it back.

Just done it again but this time car locked and bullet proof windows, takes 3 lads 20 mins to rip the window out after a few high kickboxing manovers, golf clubs and bricks to try to smash it LOL. a week later he collects it from a real chavs door (burberry baseball cap and everything)

Maybe someone should write to him and ask him to include motorbikes in London in his program!!!

if you dont ask - you dont get !

to whom should we address the letter and this ball rolling??

That sounds fab. I wonder when it’ll hit YouTube?

actually I think it was a repeat from last year… it was very funny then too! He did one with a mobile phone too - but in that one the guy he went to get the phone back from pulled a knife on him.


Ah brilliant programme. I love his sarcasm with the thieving little sh*ts. Can believe the 3 tea leaves who broke into his car got a slap on the wrist (actually, the sad thing is I can).

matt last years was good, this wasnt a repeat! (they showed a clip of the guy with the mercedes from last year) those lads where proper going at that audi!!