Machine Shop

I need to get some aluminium rings made up. Where can this be done? Preferably near Stockwell! Any recommendations?

Can’t help, but I’m going to watch this thread with interest.

All the little machine shops in SE London/NW Kent I used to know and use have now gone and I’m stuffed for getting even simple jobs done nowadays.

I’ll bet there are still a few out there, finding them’s the problem.

ill ask my dad when he is back from Spain.

I know he uses the machine shop in gaseline alley next to the oakdene cafe.

There are a few other places he uses to get things made up for his ‘projects’

Go here… But make sure you ask for the biker bloke who works there. He is a very clever man and very good…See I ain’t all bad. :slight_smile:

A & R Engineering

11 Orchard Way
DA2 7ER , Dartford


these guys make stuff out of metal, may be worth a try.

Nice guys and good at their job but a bit pricey.