M25 speed cameras to be switched on in Surrey


A bit overdue…


It was my understanding that the reason these cameras were never switched on was due to them not being able to be calibrated to trigger at an accuracy acceptable to the Courts for more than one speed at a time. Meaning they’d need to be re-calibrated between each fluctuation of the speed limit.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If that is the case then they will likely be set to one of the stated speeds, and only active when that speed is posted, but which one? and will we ever know? my guess is that they will be set to 60 and kept that way.


But thanks for the heads-up !

There is also an issue with the format of the speed sign, there are lots of issue’s going through the courts to stop she speed camera’s on motorways - especially motorways that have a variable speed limit - good to know that only J1-J2 is active, everyone know’s where to slow down now!:smiley:

… or go through really really fast so it cant record your speed :smiley:

top gear tested that a few years ago, using a lotus I think. they had to have it going at over 135mph I think before it would be too fast for the camera to detect. Good luck with that! :crazy:

I thought it was 193.5 mph they didn’t get detected… 135 thats easy on the M25, looks like i won’t be getting any points! :w00t:

My mistake, you have to go over 170mph - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph-qv4gYAE8

Not switched on until the Summer eh? Well I think that gives some bad people the opportunity for a couple more races of the circuit. Not me of course you understand.