M11 unmarked 5 series

Not that you lot ever do anthing wrong…

I have seen a silver unmarked 5 series EU58 *** pull three people on the M11 around Harlow today.

A very subtle unmarked car, you can’t even tell by looking at the occupants as it’s one bloke and one woman.


Not sure if it’s the same one but I regularly see a silver plain clothes Beemer with the last three letters DUH.

Keep your eyes open :wink:

Seen the silver Beemer a few times.last time near the Merry Fiddlers at the back of Epping doing a stop!!:w00t:

There always knocking about down that way. Thing is they have on board video cameras so if u get clocked doing silly speed your it’s all recoded. You can’t even deny it. Bang to rights.