Copme on guys, who of you out there, thinks she’s hot stuff…

Let’s get some votes going as to HOT or NOT!!!


I vote NOT!!!

Just kidding Guys, M- Daytona is the hottest mate I got…


Hi and welcome aboard, is your mate the only mate you`ve got.:stuck_out_tongue:

You have a nice mate, dude. Welcome to LB

he probably cant remember any other mates :Whistling: :ermm:

(Jonnymnemonic = memory?, ok ill go away now )

lol, is that you John (from Brands?)

If so, I reckon you’re gonna get a beating when she sees this you nutter :laugh:

Sherrie, that’s him, and he’s in the dog house to say the least!

haha it is john with the blade lol

in answer to ur question weather m-daytona is hot or not, i choose HOT lmao

u still in the dog house fella???

I would… :wink:

It’s looking that way fella…

Still, u know these hot chicks, High Maintenance… :smiley:

:w00t: come on, it was a compliment, not like i called her Rough!!!

Some chicks can’t take a compliment… :cool:


Cheers Mate, and she’s was the only hot mate i Had… lol

Don’t think i’m on her xmas card list!!! lol

Thanks for the warm welcome mate, need warming up a bit over here… lol


Cheers Rush Hour, nice to get a warm welcome… See you at ace soon mate