lydden hill pics

nice one D looking good in the corners fella…i hear for once iw wasnt you visiting teh scenery:D

LOVE the gay catalogue pose in teh first pic :kiss:

oh and why are you trying to kick a football mid corner:D:P

Great pics…looks like a cracking day…:smiley:

How did you get on with the sports bike brigade…:wink:

some was not too happy with us :smiley: perfect track for moto’s and being able to out brake them by a long distance just made it even better:hehe:

Looks like a fun day. Sorry I didn’t make it, to busy running around sorting stuff out.

I’m not sure what to be worried about most in the first picture:

  • The amount of petrol cans in the van
  • The amount of tools in the van
  • Mr Dhofty’s gay stance


Looks Like u had perfect weather too!
I’ll definitely join in on the action next time!

I’ll bring the gixxer too though!!


20th june;) we are booking up defo

dude - youve got a camel toe :w00t:

:hehe:zip it m8

Great pics Huge Jarse. Top day! Great lil track for an SV.

Dhofty the pro photo guy’s link - is he the same Mike from here?

you booking up again with us? dont know if he on here… if so we should get 10% discount:D

Very tempted dude. have a look at some of these pics from a great lady snapper… got Si in also; the national riders are the business in pic 5

looks awesome! devils elbow is the best bit :wink:

not sure im going to be able to get used to sticking my foot out instead of my knee on track but will have a bash lol :wink: hopefully not too literally…! :smiley:

hey PPG, i hit a big ‘false neutral’ on the hair pin at the end of the day with the motos swarming around :smiley: you ever have that on your track bike?

yes when i didnt know what it was, I used to do it all the time - tends to be seat unit height or peg length/height - try lowering your seat unit a little if you can so that your legs have less to do and shortening the length of your pegs so that your foot has to do less to change gear :wink:

Me (600rr) and one of my brothers (Aprilia RS250) have booked for the 20th as well :smiley:

cool stuff m8:) what group you booking into?

just got another pic from mikesavage photo’s:cool:



Beginners for me, not done a track day before now. My brother has done 2, 1 of those at lydden hill already.

Heres a pic of him and one of my others brothers at Lydden