Lux Interior R.I.P.

Lux Interior, founder member of The Cramps died yesterday.

Article here.

A loss to all Psychobillies.


he sounds like some kind of interior design shop.

R.I.P Lux.

Awful news. I remember the first time I saw the Cramps, on the Tube doing Can Your Pussy Do the Dog and a couple of other songs. Was listening to them earlier today at work too. One of the truly great groups from my time growing up.

Saw this yeserday.

First band I ever saw supporting the Police at the Lyceum - great stuff, real sad news and they were a big influence on a lot of cool bands. Feel sorry for Poison Ivy too if ever a couple were made for each other it was them. I must play some stuff at the weekend!

I put links in the post for the uninitiated.