Luigi Colani Motorcycle concepts at shad thames

went to shad thames for some grub last night and happened to wander further down looking for somewhere that wasn’t ram packed.

saw this in the glass exhibition box outside the design museum by Browns


Copy of 19042007481.jpg

Copy (2) of 19042007478.jpg

Copy of 19042007480.jpg

Copy of 19042007482.jpg

Copy of 19042007479.jpg

apparently world record setting, can’t find any solid info on the net about it

comfy looking eh?



That’s really cool. I like the black faired in one as well. How old are these, looks like 70’s/80’s? Guess they realised it’s not a good idea to be locked in to the bike if there’s a problem

Is that Tron’s bike on the left?

the far left one is a concept sculpture from 1973

the red bike is apparently the 1986 world record version of the MRD 1 with a 300bhp engine. Colani designed the fairing but apparently wasn’t used ‘since the engine had breathing and overheating problems’.

Looks like the bikes out of Akira, especially the red one.