Ludvico Einaudi Tickets

I have two tickets for sale for the upcoming piano concert at Blenheim Palace on the 28th June. Gutted I can’t go now as it’s the same day I start my training for the Motorcycle Response in Wales.

The pair of tickets have a face value of £160 and have a car park pass too. Looking for offers in excess of £100 for the pair.

Some of his works if you don’t know…

I’m interested, can you tell me which seats you have?

They are block L seats a16 & a17

Seating plan available at

Seats pass the “wife test” :slight_smile: £160?

£160 and that’s a deal. Can PayPal me on [email protected]
They’re e-tickets so will forward you the email with tickets attached and you can print them

that should be with you now. Thank you!

Yep I’ve got the payment awaiting it to clear then I’ll email you.