Lucky L-plater

Riding into work past the BP garage between Balham and Tooting Bec this morning I heard a crash and looked over to see a white 125 L-plater in a heap on the side of the road. At first I thought he’d gone under the side of a builders merchants flatbed but I span round to check on him and it turns out he’d ridden straight into the kerb where it widens out after the parking bays heading south (i guess he was either trying to undertake the truck or hadn’t been able to see the kerb from just behind it) - the bike had then jumped up onto the kerb and straight into the bike stands.

He seemed to have come out of it without a scratch despite having no gear other than a helmet. Pretty lucky escape I’d say.

Typical south london drivers, not one of them even slowed down to check on him while he was lying on the floor - must have been 10 or 20 cars drive past in the time it took me to turn around. :angry:

You have to wonder where he was looking

Lesson learned

I think his focus went something like this:

Back of truck - floor - sky - floor - sky - floor