Love thy neighbour...

The neighbours obviously dont mind the sound of my bike, especialy seeing as most people are usualy trying to sleep when im revving up the engine on my way out for a ride… Not that i have it here with me at the moment but still…

Ordered a set of tyres to take back to germany with me when i go this weekend. Well they where delivered today before i got home, as the guy was walking off with them next door but one popped their head out and said they would take them for me :smiley:

So instead of having an hour drive to go pick them up from the depo so i could take them to germany sunday i had a 30 second walk to next door but one to grab them.

On one note its lucky me neighbour saw me unloading my car as i was going to go pick them up after as i had a ticket saying they had been taken to the depo.

Not all neighburs are nightmares eh mate?! :wink:

I always try to make a point of getting to know my neighbours. You never know when you may need them! :satisfied: