Love this song at mo!!!! getting ready for a night in the clubs, jus heard this n got me in the mood!

I’d have said that would be the perfect reason not to go to a club if that’s the sh1te they play, bring back Josh Wink is all I can say! :wink:

No not got enough base for my liking!:smiley: Dance tunes are suposed to have a decent beat;)

its a garage tune hence the lack of base

You wouldn’t catch me playing that in my garage, I’d prefer to listen to the sound of my bike! :smiley:

not my sort of thing .

if i have to dance then it has to be stuff like stone sour or korn that sort of thing . or chill out has to be pink floyed

i think the best dance stuff though has to be the 80s stuff …Adam ant :w00t: