:DWell done girl!!!


Well done anyway :smiley:

If that means what i think it means then YAY!!! Congrats girlie! Welcome to the big bikes league xxxxxx

well done what ???


well done hunny…!!!

over the moon for ya…cant wait to get you out on that big bike now…


im guessing she passed her test? :stuck_out_tongue: if so congrats! :smooooth:

Yes I guess that’s what it means ? So well done Lou, top job. !

Congrats Lou, well done girl :hehe:


Well done!

Fantastic news - you getting out on your bigger bike now?


nice one!

well done Lou!!! Can’t wait to see you out on your big bike :cool:

all ready said it…but well done girly, bovril all round.

so proud if u. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

PS anyone need a pair of stabiliser? Lou’s got a spare set now!

well done girl [ o no not another one ] really pleased for you.

Well done, :smiley: have you got a big bike? What are you gonna do with your 125???

yey!!! fantastic news!!! cant wait now!!!:smiley:

well done Lou !!! fantastic news :smiley: xx

Flyby going Pillion now?



well done that girlyyyyyyyyyy:D

Yeh…all what the others have said…see u out n about girl !!! no more sitting on the back of bikes !!! :smiley: