Loud Squeaking and vibrating rear brake on YBR125

Hello Everyone!,

For the past few weeks my rear (drum) brake has started very loudly squeaking and I can feel the vibration/friction from the noise through the rear brake when I go to use it.

I need to get it into the shop to get it checked but I don’t have a chance as I have to work this Saturday Grr!, trying to practice slow maneuvering for Mod 1 next week as well, absolute nightmare with this useless embarrassing brake ha

I had it pass it’s MOT only a month ago, is this something they check?

Do you think it could be something dangerous/serious? I suppose it could be a multitude of things and I won’t know until I get a chance to get it to a garage.

Is it something I can check for or perhaps fix, or is the whole wheel etc going to have to come off?

Any general advice or knowledge is welcomed!


Not sure about drum brakes but if it was a disc brake i’d say i sounds like new brake pads needed. If you’re free Sunday Chas Bikes in Kennington should be able to sort it for you.

Oh brilliant! I didn’t know of anywhere that would be open, I will give them a buzz and go in Sunday.

Actually, I take that back, shocking reviews on google! Sheesh.

You should check the drum brake shoes for wear.

It’s easy to do.

Take off the wheel and check there’s at least 1mm thickness
of asbestos all the way round both shoes.

Replace both shoes and the springs that pull them together
if they are worn.

And here’s a video, a bit long winded but covers all relevent


YBR 125 specs say it has a 130mm drum on the rear.

YBR 125 specs

Tim (Scorch on here) now runs his clinic on a Sunday. I suggest you take it up to Watford to see him. Bring biscuits :slight_smile:

Big question first- does it feel like it’s working as it should? if not, do something!

Drum brakes can just be noisy- dust, rusty springs, adjustment, shoe wear, but if it isn’t working you might have finished the brake shoes and that in turn could damage the drum, starts getting less efficient and more expensive to fix!

Good luck!

Anybody who starts a video with the words ‘drum brakes, in my opinion, are inferior to disc brakes’ (especially with an American accent) should not be listened to any further, in my opinion :Whistling:

because he’s simple stating the obvious.

Here’s a better insight into a YBR rear brake

Although some of the methods and order of work are suspect, well it is inter webby you tubie Johnny Foreigner style :wink:

Definitely don’t loosen/tighten the rear axle nut as shown, a single spanner should give you all the leverage you need.

Remove the drum anchor and brake rod before the rear axle.

Give the axle and any spacers a light coating of Red Assembly Grease before re-assembly.

As above service limit on brake shoes is generally 1mm if they’re close to that or worse replace as a pair, I wouldn’t bother replacing the springs but hey ho.

Use Brake Cleaner for cleaning brakes, simples. If the surface of the shoes have plenty of friction material but are glazed rough them up a little with fine emery paper, nail board works too. A slight chamfer on the leading edges will prevent bedding in squeaks and shudders.

DISCLAIMER - Brake fettling isn’t rocket science although if you don’t feel absolutely competent in working on your brakes take the bike along to a qualified mechanic.

Yup, bring it over, we’ll have that sorted in no time :slight_smile:

I do not assign a lot of importance to Google reviews. I’ve used them a couple of times and they’ve always been brilliant. I would definitely recommend them!

Ok cool, I think I will have to, I’m in Streatham so it’s over an hour’s ride but I think it’s best I get this damn thing sorted.

Thanks for all the vids guys, wishing I wasn’t mechanically retarded and weak ha I think will get to get Scorch to sort out.

I also had issue with my drum brake (among other things) when I had the YBR.
Solved it by getting the CBR which rides really well :slight_smile:

I’m heading to Scorch’s on Sunday if you need some company on the ride.