Loud horn advice for 2013 Daytona 675 please

I’d like to replace the standard horn on my toy, a 2013 model Daytona 675, as it is feeble and sounds like it belongs on a moped.

On my previous bike, a 2004 model R1, I replaced the standard horn with a Steibel Nautilus from Nippy Normans which cost about £17. These are no longer available, but are very similar to the Fiamm Mini Blaster http://www.nippynormans.com/products/ho … a-miniwith .

I’m going to have the problem on the toy as I had on the R1, that being the limited amount of space available for a horn. So my questions for you guys are:
What horn upgrades have you done? What other horns should I be considering.

Thank you.

I fitted a pair of snail horns to the Bonne, an ebay win similar to these

They were more than loud enough only trouble was they didn’t like the wetter

edit: might be an idea to include an inter webby linky wotsit

I put some snail shell type on the inside of the fairing, one either side, working ok in all weather, a tenner on fleabay, and sadly they match the fairing colour.

It was the wetter, amphibious activities, the snail horns didn’t like. They were fine with the weather :wink:

Plus loads on the snail type, I had someone step off a kerb without looking on Regent street, one toot and he leapt backwards like he had been shot!

Don’t know if it makes a difference but mine are Fiamm. These ones. Twin ones are best superb tone, one high one low.

On my mates old 88/89 FZR 250 we fitted duel tone air horns. Took a bit of working to get them, plus the compressor, under the seat.
We had to change the routing of the hose because when you sat on the bike it pinched and was pretty pathetic for air horns… got there in the end though!

Had same dilemma recently myself as the horn on my Fazer has been slowing dying, no makes a dull parping noise. Everyone recommended the Stebel Nautilus, but as you’ve found they don’t seem to be available in the UK anymore. No idea why. Halfords do a similar looking one by Ring. No idea if it’s any good.

Either way, you can still pick a Stebel from the Continent. Bought this on Stebel Nautilus horn off ebay, took a couple of weeks to turn up, and when quizzed on delay they were about to send another out, but it arrived yesterday, so panic over. Not bad at £35 delivered and includes relay and wiring gubbins to fit it. The Halford alternative was £30 for horn alone. Being with EU, not vat/import charges to worry about. Should keep me busy at weekend any hows.

These work well for me - they come in a pair, but fitted together on a bike they’re too loud so I use just the one…each piece has different notes so you can pick which to fit…

As the others stated, a tiny splash of water will make it sound like a fart but give it a good shake and it comes back to life…