Loud cans in Germany

I was at the ‘ring last year and a couple offellow guests at Sliders got pulled by the German police with a noise meter. DieRozzers measured the exhaust db and compared it to the number quoted on the V5and when it didn’t match up (aftermarket can, but not that lairy on asuperduke) threatened to impound the bike until he put his baffle in and paid the€60 fine.

Being that I’m heading back to the ring thissummer, and have a baffle-less quite loud yoshi albeit that’s passed an MOTwith an advisory on loud exhaust, my questions are:

1 – has anyone else on the forum had a similarexperience, and if so any recommendations?

2 – am I right in thinking that basic European lawon traffic equivalence states that what’s law in one state must be allowed topass for a citizen of that country in another within a certain timeframe and aslong as it doesn’t contravene national legislation? E.g. you have to have ahi-viz in the car in France, but if your car adheres to UK and EU emissionsregs then you’re good to drive it if not a permanent resident of France, whenyou would need to transfer to French ‘plates. If so, it sounds that the German policemight be employing questionable tactics, albeit not something I’m likely totake to the ECJ to argue against whilst losing valuable ‘ring time….

3 – or should I take my baffle with me and if Iget pulled loose all the skin off my fingers trying to get the sodding thing in?

Any thoughts / suggestions most welcome, andmany thanks in advance.

Unless your bike is over 20 odd years old then it’s immaterial as all bike emissions regulations have been EU ones & therefore the same noise limits apply across the whole of the EU.

Having an MOT cert doesn’t mean your bike conforms to EU noise limits.

I’m aware of German plod impounding race cans at the roadside & leaving the owners to figure out what to do next…

Also, apparently the Ring has a 95db limit, so probably best to bring your baffle along just in case anyway: http://www.nurburgring.org.uk/noise.php

Thanks for that; however I’ve used bike withbaffle-removed can on the ‘ring on a number of separate occasions with noissues before, and I’ve also ridden it around the surrounding area and up toLubeck with no issues from Police. Just wondered if this was a new policing lower-tolerancemove. Either way, probably best to take baffle with me just in case.