Does anyone have any idea how to get out of this situation?

is it possible that an auto electrician / Locksmith will be able to scan & clone a ‘new’ red key, or is it a worst case scenario - Replacement of ECU/ Ignition?

Has anyone personally had this happen?

Know any good people to speak too in the London Area?! - electricians/ locksmiths etc?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!!


Your friend is in exactly the same position as someone who has stolen the bike. The system is designed to make the bike impossible to operate by someone without access to the red key. The red key should only ever be used to program service keys and should then be put in a safe place.

The red key is matched to the immobiliser/cdi and new service keys can only be programmed with the red key. Even if a key is cut to fit the lock, or the lock is replaced the bike will only run to 2000 rpm for testing purposes without the correct key/immobiliser combination. If he has a service key that works, it is possible to clone the chip in the key using an auto locksmith.

If he has no keys he will have to replace the lock and the immobilser/cdi. Don’t buy on ebay as you need a complete matching set. For example, a secondhand imobiliser/cdi will only work with the orignal lock set once the initial programming is done. Talk to someone like vespaspares.co.uk who will be able to talk through the options.

If a new immobiliser/cdi is installed, the system wil lneed to be tested and the keys programmed as per the Piaggio imobiliser manual which can be found here -


Bloody daft situation.

My car has matched keys but if I were to loose both I just have to go to the nearest Mitsubishi franchised dealer with proof of ownership, matching proof of identity and I can buy new matched keys.

O.k., they’ll want and arm and leg for the keys but a lot less than a replacement ECU/immobiliser/key set.

Strikes me as yet another bit of Piaggio’s half arsed “service.”

It’s not just piagio. I think it’s fairly standard these days. The ignition barrel on my old xt660 needed replacing under warranty as the key became difficult to turn, and for this they had to replace the ecu and wire harnesses. Glad I didn’t pay for it.
That said, I’m sure if your friend takes his vespa to the local scrotes and chuck them a few quid they’ll know a way to hotwire it :wink:

Where is the Vespa? I may be able to recommend some dealers (and suggest some to avoid).

Hi all - brand new poster and this thread is exactly what I’m searching for.

Bought a 10 year old Piaggio Vespa ET4 125cc last night and in my excitement in picking it up completely forgot to check it came with master key. Of course the guy I bought it off is not responding to my calls or emails which is a bit stupid as I’ve bought it sold as seen and only want to ask him if he’s got the master key or if he bought it without it.

Anyhow I’m happy with the scooter and fingers crossed not having the master key won’t be an issue for me personally - at least not till a few months down the line anyway.

My question is how much is a new lock set and immobiliser going to cost me - can’t seem to find the parts online anywhere. Would I be right in guessing around the £200 mark? If so I’d be mighty relieved. Only paid £700 for the scooter and have visions of a £500 plus replacement bill if it comes to it…

Thanks all!!

If you have a working key, go to a an auto locksmith and get it cloned. That should be all you need do to ensure you have a working key and a spare.

If you want to replace the locks with new ones you need a lock set and a new CDI which will cost about £200 plus VAT.

Thanks Giuliano - exactly what I wanted to hear. I planned to get a clone key anyway which I will do. What exactly does the master key do then if I can clone existing keys? And how do I know if my scooter even has an immobiliser? If I were to disconnect the battery for instance, not that I plan to, would you need the master key to get up and running again or can a blue key do that?

The ignition seems a little temperamental to be honest in the couple of days i’ve been using it. Sometimes it doesn’t start (turns over but doesn’t fire) but a few times of switching ignition on and off eventually results in the bike starting up as sweet as a nut on first button press. £200 isn’t a massive hit for me to swallow if I need to replace the barrels and CDI but I wouldn’t mind putting this off until early next year when MOT is up.

Thanks for your help - bike novice but hoping to get up to scratch quickly!!

Yeah I think the red key is just used so you can programme other keys direct from the bikes ignition. You use the red key to put it in programming mode or something.

give these a call ive used them numerous times


Hello everybody,
I am Juan a motorcycle engineer, I have been reading through your posts and I will like to add that it is possible to rewrite the cdi memory with new codes or bring it back to factory setting (no codes in it), having to program the cdi with new codes with the regular factory procedure. I have the factory software and the interface which allows me to check cdi codes and write cdi’s memory. I can also clone keys.
My phone number is 07587092008 or send me an email to [email protected]





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