lost my flippin bag last night!

think i forget to pick it up when i left Cubana!

well hope thats where i left it and they still have it

What does it look like? I work just down the road and can go and pop in and ask for you if you like! Lunchtime looms… PM me with a response as may forget to check this thread.


It was still on your back at 11H30…

its ok steve i dont think anyone has the need for that old teddy with one eye, the colouring pad and a packet of crayons…

Shut up fool, you ain’t no fish!

Could people stop losing things, falling off their bikes and generally being numpties

You are now entering the LB Triangle were things generally go tits up…

quit your jibba jabba

Well steve is the only geeeeeeeeeeeeezer i know that could loose a rucksack while its on his back, any way steve what was really in it???

It wasnt on my back! i took it off, put it under table, and obviously as night progressed, chatting away etc, just got up and forgot bout it.

nothing of real value to anyone

my portfolio, contract for new job etc etc

but i got it back now

Trials and tribulations of a dozy irish tinker…

only jokin steve ya Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlroight!!! ya cont

Hes Greek !!

but his birds a stunner

Shes Blind !!!

must be, or is a sucker for tick greek boy


Let me get this straight, Irish/Greek/foriegner leave rucksack under a table outside busy bar. I’m surprised it was not on the news with one of those little robots and a controlled explosion

yeah well nuts, i was testing the security situation at Cubana…

which obviously aint up to much!

But then again i would have been a wee bit gutted if theyd blown it up

woulda been a good story to tell forever more though!

and flats, dont let Emma hear u say that, itll only go to her head