Lorry incident.

Not sure if it’s of interest to anyone, but thought that I would recount an incident that I had the other morning on my commute. Heading down High Holborn towards the traffic lights at the Oasis sports centre, filtering through the stationary traffic I came upon a large ‘Conway’ builders truck on my right. Next thing I knew I am doing a ‘stoppy’ and almost off the bike. Only stayed on due to my amazing riding skills ( I lie! ). As I passed the truck, my brake lever had caught a large ratchet strap hanging off the side in a loop! Fortunately for me, the brake master cylinder sheared off with the leaver, and I managed to stop the bike on the back brake. One more thing to look out for!

WOW , lucky man !

You really were lucky!

And you’re unharmed, so thats the main thing

always give lorrys a wide berth yr fast there slow let them go and u can clear them at a safer place coz u know theres an uneducated car driver behind you wanting to get past too who dont give a dam

just my thoughts , not saying this was the case:)

now that is what i call riding close

Some times I have to have attachments overhanging the sides of my trailer by 6 to8 inches. It worries me that some one dosent see them when I’m passing them or there passing me.They can also be over hanging of the back by 2 or 3 foot, so when turning means that they will swing out a long way. I once dragged a car down Dartford high street by making a tight turn,wrote the car of,in my defence the car was parked to close to the junction. Guess thats what insurance is for.

Glad to see you are ok.

Whoop Whoop Dirtford got a shout out! :smiley: