Loopys other ride......

after a long week waiting and a hard night f… and a short journey to High Wycombe and the exchange of cold hard cash, Loopy swapped the pillion seat for something a little more comfortable and its been big smiles all day she even managed to get infront some how


Lovely ride (the bike’s not bad either, lol) Seriously though, congratulations Loopy Looking forward to seeing you out and about.

Yay Loopy

Great little bike - same as mine

Enjoy it!!!.. and the bike

Nice - see honda’s are good!!! You taken those L-Plates off yet??

Nice bike Loopy…Well done

Now ya can really have fun

nice bike loops…for gods sake don’t give it loads of beans cause if you leave flats behind on that banana split we will never hear the last of it

not yet she dont want grief from twats. L means **** off **** im just getting to grips with it now ****ing wait a minute

well done guys!!!

brilliant…really suits ya loopy…and good on yer si…top bananna!!!

lets stretch her legs ehhh?..



Good on ya Loopy! Look forward to seeing ya haring about on the bike!

Nice looking bike Loopy, just like yourself.

This is Flatout getting to grips with it Mirror, signal whats next

Seriously Loopy - great bike

The ‘ladies’ are taking over



Thanks guy’s … was so excited bout picking it up, was really ill for last few days so didnt think that i would get it this weekend, but a warm night under the duvet sorted that out so was raring to go this morning!!!

Grim, flats didnt know till just now that i took that pic think he was trying to work out how to switch the indicators off

its ok his R1 aint much faster than that loopy, so will ahve no probz keeping up

said the man who has left a hansel and grettal style trail of bike parts scattered round variuos race tracks around the UK, how big is your shopping list now


Nice bike, Loops…now get out there and have some fun!

(No no no…I meant out on your new bike!! )

Nicely done Loopy… Hondas rock :slight_smile: BC2

Well done Lou, now you can show Flats what the throttle is for!

Honda babes rule.

Nice one Loopy

Well done Loopy, when are we going to see you out on it ?


Are you saying Loopy looks like a bike