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Looks like Suzuki are going for the Z1000SX Market

Compared to some of their recent efforts, they seem to have actually put some effort & thought into this one.


Nice, could almost tempt me back to Suzuki.

Why no mention of fuel tank range? Surely an important specification for any tourer, shame on you Suzuki.

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so ugly!

It’s a vast improvement on its older sibling!

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Often wondered why other bike manufacturers didn’t just take the Z1000sx pannier system and copy it. Seems they have :slight_smile:

If they price it right, and it rides well, could be a decent alternative to the Kwaka. Shame Yamaha don’t do something similar with the MT-10…

Oh shit, that’s awesome. A sports-tourer GSX-R 1000? God, I’d probably have bitten their arm off when I was in the market for a touring bike earlier this year. LOVE that engine.

19L, bit more than a gixxer IIRC.

19L has been the minimum standard for a sports tourer since forever. Of course when the dinosaurs roamed the planet 19L would have been expressed as 5 imperial gallons in the money, not to be confused with those short change 3.8L US toy shop gallons.

But how much electricity can you fit in a 19 L tank and what range will it give?

Well obviously as electricity has an equivalent weight of 6.04 the answer is one pie!

What flavour pie?

Sweet or savoury?

Short crust or puff pastry?

Is it a metric or imperial pie?

If imperial, is it US or UK?

I know you’re trying to be helpful, but in reality you’re just causing more confusion! :thinking:

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Spinach pie with filo pastry and feta cheese

Not a patch on the BKing though :smiley: