Looks like no one could read again this morning

Empty Olympic lanes, woo hoo :smiley:

and the first winner of £130 fine is… Atomic Punk! Olympic lanes are in operation from today 6am

Yep, 6am this morning.

Remind me again… how are they catching people?

not all lanes are enforced all the time and some you can ride your bike in. you have to read the signs.

Just seen on the BBC news that the main traffic control room is enforcing them. I imagine they’re using existing CCTV systems as they were showing them panning around and zooming in a very Big Brother type way.

I am almost Olympic Lane free on my commute, so can avoid most of the mess caused by this. Just one day of commuting left and I’m off for 3 1/2 weeks! Sunshine here I come!

Hmm, well I don’t know, I went past a huge electronic sign on the A41 just after Mill Hill Circus this morning that said “ALL TRAFFIC USE OLYMPIC LANES” I thought it strange that there was a sign there in the first place as there aren’t any Olympic Lanes on the A41 (at least not that far north) but they did say on the news yesterday that if the lanes weren’t busy they would open them up to all traffic.

Having said that you won’t catch me in them at any time because of the guilty unless you prove your innocence camera imparted enforcement is in operation!

They have changed the traffic light phasing on the A4 so it takes longer to drive 800m to the tube than usual. BALLS.

I came in on the A40 as usual - and apart from the coned off roadworks at Hanger Lane. (where they’re not doing any work at all) I had a pretty clear run in.

I passed a number of Matrix signs and they all said All Traiffic use All Lanes, so I did.

Hope that it lasts.

Yup, all switch on my way (north/east)! I was in a bus lane in Stratford that was empty I was very unsure… not trusting the blue signs. Bloody mayhem this morning! :smiley:

Haha, hilarious!! I saw quite a few people using them this morn including taxi’s, no way I’m risking them!

cycled in again :smiley:

No olympic lanes on my commute. Happy days :smiley:

some lanes were activeated from 15th july2012 especially the lanes from ace cafe towards queensbury as there was a a4 size sign saying 15th july to September this lane will be not useable.

Only ORN on my commute in and they’ve only stopped right turns so was pretty flee flowing today… :slight_smile:


i would expect a full report from you by friday afternoon on how to get to and from the ace safely with this olympic mayem.


dont know if i can be arsed to go this week so no report :slight_smile: