looking for...

I am desperately trying to find a pair of stainless steel exhaust cans for my ZZR 600 E7 but all i can find are genuine ones only. Any help appreciated thanx in advance:D

Whaddya mean, new one’s, old ones, borrowed one’s, blue ones??!?!?!?

If new, try Carbon Can Company, they do most makes at affordable prices.

If used: click here, great bargain!!!


try these…:wink:

or these:)


Do not , under any circumstances, buy delkevic. Unlike you like your exhausts to be loosely fitting. That is, if they fit at all.

thank you all for the suggestions… i would buy them Vipers but dunno wot they sound like… wot if i don’t like them?:w00t:

Poke your tongue out and blow hard… et voila ‘Vipers’ :wink:

alex, im tryin to be serious here… at least if i knew i could send them back in case i don’t like them… i will call them tomorrow and see wot they say but thanx anyway hun:D

Crap video but…you know.

You never know what your bike will sound like when buying exhausts unless you’ve heard it in real life. At the price they are at, they’re a HUGE bargain. They’re not the best make but they include baffles and all…and if you don’t like the sound either chuck them back on ebay or stubby them. :smiley:

thanx GC, that’s helpful, i will have a think about it…might just get them tomorrow… i have e-mailed the seller, hopefully they get back to me before i decide to pay for them:D