Looking for nice roads around South Woodford/Epping

Hi all,

I apologise if this is a question that has already been asked but what would be some nice destinations to go to from Stratford, South Woodford or Epping? The sun is out and my body is aching to go out but I’ve no idea where to.

Went to Epping yesterday evening but didn’t know where to go next but it looked like a good start. Would love to try out some nice country roads with some twisties and not too much traffic if possible.

I tried searching for other threads but nothing meaningful comes up so apologies if I’ve missed something.

Anyone interested in joining me, by the way? It doesn’t have to be 125 friendly.

Thanks in advance!

A113 Epping to chipping Ongar, b184 to Dunmow, b1057 to Haverhill, a147 to Bury St Edmonds.

Thanks for that! Going out now, will report back later :slight_smile:

I was down Epping today with some mates, if you want we can show you the roads next time but if you follow whereisgibson instructions you’ll already be on the route :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the instructions, whereisgibson! I ended up at Finchingfield and even met a fellow MT-09’er there. Some really nice roads around there. Ended up clocking up 100 miles without even noticing :slight_smile:

MT-03 turned out to be quite a fun bike for what it is. Will be getting my MT-09 back next Saturday if all goes well and already can’t wait to go back to Essex :slight_smile:

@redseven - PM me if you’re going out some time. I’d love to join if you have a room for another one.

Welcome to my back yard Cypher :wink:

Glad you enjoyed it