Looking for Moto Morini Corsaro radiator

Hi fokes,

  i know there are not many bike like this around. But i need to replace the radiator on a Moto Morini Corsaro 1200. 

Does anyone have one to sell, or know anyone who is selling. I’ve already requested a quote for a shiny, brand new part. Meanwhile if i’m lucky to find a second hand one, it would be nice.

   The plan is to sell the bike but i can’t with a leaking radiator! I’ll probably post on LB when she is ready to go… sadly… Termi’s sound is amazing.


I’ll have a quick look in the garage, but don’t hold your breath.

How bad is the leak?

GMX in Braintree repair rads.


I would bet a lot of people here have never heard of Moto Morini

I have but certainly never that model

I was looking at a Gran Passo but lack of dealers here put me off. This forum may help http://www.morini-riders-club.com/forum/index.php