Looking for a winter project advice

Hi, i am new to the forum and am looking to buy a cheap scooter that i can perhaps do up to use as a run around for myself and my wife. There seems to be a salvage company selling insurance write offs in egham and was wondering if anyone had any experience of buying a scooter that may have been judged too expensive to repair but maybe just cosmetic. Some of the bikes on ebay look quiet damaged and expensive! Any advice welcomed.


from what I’ve seen, scooters are a lot of fibreglass damage when they go down. would you repair or replace what was broken?

Probably not unless it was necessary like lights or indicators.

you got a link for them?

You talking about surreyMCsalvage?
Bought a few from them good guys
But won’t end items early
Sometimes there bikes go for silly sometimes good luck of draw