Looking for a video...

Does anyone know where to find the video of the Japanese short-circuit time trial run with a guy on a VFR 400, doing crazy sharp turns in the quickest time possible? I want to show Foxy… Thanks!

It was posted somewhere her. I tried to find it but the SEARCH doesn’t work properly It shows an error message

I have it at home. If I remember, I will post it up this evening / afternoon depending on when I get back.

It is very good indeed.

That’s a great clip, the guys a awesome rider.

think this is the one you are looking for…?


Very impressive stuff.

Biggus, that is the one I was thinking of too. Saves me having to use my memory!

Bit fuddled now is it after Christmas?

Ah, thanks guys, especially Bigus, Foxy, check it out! That was my first bike, VFR 400 NC24… Piece of crap it was, but it sounded great and went really well.

It always has been!

Is that tarmac he is riding on… or surface made from rubber and glue…


Yep boy got skills.

Fook me! Thats impressive stuff how the hell did he mamange that! I would like to see him race a fast car round a tight twisty track with the kind of skills he has!

no knee down, must slow you down?