Looking for a show plate

I know there are plenty of very reasonably priced show plate shops on ebay but none of them can supply what I need.

What Im after is a 9x3 with a border and ‘ghosting’ behind the registration… Does any body know of a company who can do the ‘ghosting’ on a 9x3 plate?

Fingers crossed…

After recent legistlation came out, you’ll be hard pressed to find people who will do them to-order for you. Now that the businesses supplying show plates can be fined (and massively) for a plate that is seen on a bike on the roads, they are less inclined to make or sell them.

The fine has gone upto £60 too.

£60! Having a vehicle in the UK is just easy money for our government. A licence to print money at your expense as soon as you send off that logbook in your name…
speed cameras
Buslane cameras
red light cameras
Average speed check cameras
parking tickets
Road tax
Fuel costs

What i HATE is the fact that now, they dont even stick a ticket on your window. They just send it to you in the post a week later… So when you get your mail in the morning , your filled with dread until you have gone through all the mail and NOT encountered the TFL logo… You know when youve got a fine before you even open the letter… Its so easy to recognize their envolopes and fonts… I always know when my neighbors get tickets…

Is it worth it???

Try these people http://www.impactshowplates.co.uk/index.php

I was going to ask in another thread, but maybe you wont mind if I ask here.

I was thinking about getting personalised plates, something ending 4NDY. This would need to be on the bottom line, with the two letters and first number on the top line. I then notice it is illegal to change the spacing.

I see cars all the time with spacing changed in order to spell something, is it one of those laws that just isn’t really worried about? Would I be okay to get this license and stick it on my bike?


I don’t think it’s worth it so haven’t put a single line plate on mine but did put a 7x5 plate which is still not legal but not tiny. Not had any bother and know people with the same size who haven’t either. But you could meet an an*l cop who will fine you anyway. One tip a cop gave me is if you have a small numberplate and carry a rucksack or anything, keep the legal size in the rucksack and offer to change it over there and then.

All depends on the cops and their mood. I had a mate who did that on his car and got away with it for years but then got a ticket eventually. Also he lives in Edinburgh which is quite small in comparison and the cop said if he catches him again he’ll report him to the DVLA to withdraw his personal plate from him. Guess it’s similar with small numberplates and whether you get pulled.

i’d rather have a legal plate on, i’d rather spend the £60 on some new gloves etc than giving it to the regime.

I hear what your saying , but those big plates really kill a bikes looks…

Get a smaller box, 7x5 still looks good. The 6x4 is much smaller and more likely to get pulled I would say but don’t have any experience.

What do you mean by box?

Sorry call the normal plate a letterbox. So instead of getting a single line plate get a smaller sized two line plate. Less likely to get pulled in my opinion.

Ah… I see… I was thinking about riding with no plate what so ever… I hear the fine is exactly the same… £60…


Nice, let us know how many fines you pick up! :wink:

Take the plate off when you are not riding then. Because you sitting on the bike has already killed the look so badly that no one will notice the yellow air break at the :stuck_out_tongue: