Looking for a NC29 CBR400

I want a CBR400 as I’ve owned one when I first started biking on which I did 28,000 mostly trouble free miles on.

Basically I’m looking to downgrade as my commute calls for a smaller bike -

CBR400 nc29

Engine and running gear must be sound and it must be road legal - cosmetics aren’t that important as I will be stripping it down (would be a bonus if it has the original fairing brackets)

Cheers all

ask mr tatto think he may have what your after

think my mates having mine of me weekend dude

If they don’t I will :smiley:

youl have my what ? :w00t::stuck_out_tongue: lol sorry my mate had my bike today, got enough spares to build another though :wink:

get building then… theres a good boy! :smiley:

Cheers for the feedback guys,
Not had much luck finding a decent one TBH, they’ve all had some inexperienced teenager run them into the ground.
I’ll keep searching!

Thanks all

Nate :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I have two NC29s (cos Im greedy)

I crashed back in Feb and bought another one to keep me on the road till my original was back up n running, as soon as it is I’ll be selling the replacement. (within the next couple of months)

It has a CBR 600 shock, blue after market fairings, polished frame, swingarm, and forks. J reg can’t remember the mileage but can check if your interested

Looking at around £1200 ono

I can send you some pics if you want :slight_smile:

Definitely interested!
e-mail me [email protected] or send us a text 07886 128594.
Where abouts in London are you from?


Still on the look out for a nice CBR400!

Good luck with your search:)

Thanks :slight_smile:
Madbadnblond has a bike for me to look at so fingers crossed she’ll be a good’un and my search will come to an end!!

Nate :wink:


Saw a nice one of these on Sunday in S Essex being ridden by a tiny Oriental lady. Very nippy bike, seemed to keep up with the 5 or 6 big sports bikes she was with without too much trouble.

Good luck with your search. There used to be a shop in Croydon that specialised in 400s imported unofficialy from Japan, it had loads of them. Unfortunately it closed down some years ago - or maybe it just moved elsewhere?


Yeah I owned one in the past, I’ve been through loads of different bikes in the past 9 years - GSX1400 was the largest capacity I’ve owned, I had a bandit 1200 for a couple of years (12,000 miles in total) but by far the most reliable bike I owned was the CBR. I mainly want one to save on insurance, fuel and running costs + I’d like to retain the Honda reliability of gear driven cams. I will eventually modify it with up-to-date fairings and CBR6 engine swap.

The only style of bike I’ve yet to try is a big-bore supermoto (been on a 400) but as motorcycles are my only form of transport I need something a bit more practical!

Nate :slight_smile:

Dont forget pistonheads, they have some fab stuff on there at times!



Try BAT motorcycles in Biggin Hill, kent, speak to Roger, they normally have a selection of CBR400’s instock.

Shop is situated in the industrial estate of the main road next to the airport, take a left at the mini roundabout road by the flying club.

Cant remember number, try the web site.

Classic Motorcycles in central Croydon have 2 in stock plus a rare GSXR400 and interesting sporty Yamaha 400. Give Warren a ring on 07865 581308. Address is 44-45 Tamworth Rd CR0 1XU.

Warren used to own a massive 2nd hand bike shop on Brighton Road, South Croydon, now sadly closed down.

Hi Guys,
Cheers for the update, will look into the companies suggested!
Nate :slight_smile: