looking for a campsite in France

Anyone know of any decent ones in the Lille/Roubaix area for the end of next month?
English speaking would be preferable, my French is dire.

Non, je ne conaissez pas. Pardon!

Ibis. :smiley:

the Abyss? worst beds I’ve ever used.

Try the Logis de France network of hotels Mian. Inexpensive, you usually get breakfast, and what small premium you pay is offset by the fact you’re not paying so:

  1. You won’t have to walk 200 yards in the dark to go to a shared loo
  2. You can sleep in a bed rather than on the ground
  3. No members of the public will be sick on your tent
  4. You can have a shag on your holiday rather than worry about everyone hearing and seeing as you’re in a tent
  5. You can take clean clothes rather than groundsheets on your holiday
  6. You can park your bike on a proper road rather than have the sidestand slowly sink in overnight leading to Capsized Honda Syndrome
  7. If it’s wet you don’t have to get into soaking bike gear first thing as it can dry out in your nice warm hotel as opposed to sharing your sleeping space in a tent.

Have you tried looking on UK Campsite? Despite the name it covers France too :slight_smile:


good tip, thanks Tiggi.

and who said I’m worried about number 4? :wink:

try here


There are books you can buy in shops that give you all the information you require.

Some are updated each year such that they be more accurate and user friendly.:unsure: