Looking for 1989 Red Kawasaki GPX750R

Posting on behalf of a friend…

I’m looking for a Kawasaki GPX750R that belonged to my dad. It was registered in 1989 and he unfortunately had to sell it on in I think 1998. Now unfortunately my dad passed away in 2002 and until today I only had a picture of me as a kid sitting on it in the front garden but during a house clearance today I managed to find the original documents from the DVLA for registration and insurance etc. So I done a check and it seems like it has not been scrapped but it also hasn’t been taxed or MOT since 2011. I’m hoping by some miracle someone still has it but it’s just sitting in a barn or something collecting dust.

I was hoping that maybe someone might be able to help me locate it I would love to ride it / do it up / restore it. I never got anything to remember my dad by and I would love to be able to see the bike again let alone own it.

If anyone can help at all I’d very much appreciate it. I’d also really appreciate if you could share this post for me.

Here’s the details I have:

Red Kawasaki GPX750R

Licence plate: G211 PWV

Year of Manufacture: 1989

Colour: Red

According to the online paid for checks the licence plate has not been changed, the colour has not been changed, the last exchange of owners was in 2011 also a log book was requested at same time. Last known owner was my dads friend Russell who has unfortunately sold the bike on and has no other information to offer. Last known location was High Wycombe (Buckinghamshire UK) area.

Thanks all and if you hear / know of this bike please let me know and stay safe out there!

Tomorrow (31/03/2021) I’ve been invited to share this story on a radio in Buckinghamshire

This is a huge long shot but I’d kick myself if I didn’t try.


Its not been taxed or MOT’d for the past 10 years now.

With detective skills like that - you should have been a copper NT :slight_smile:

I applied, they wouldn’t have me…

…too short and too honest

just about to wheel The 250 out

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lol so true !

Just an off chance that someone recognises the bike, probably stashed away in the back of a garage somewhere.

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Try posting to other forums Rusty.

I had one from for 5 years. Very comfortable and close to 150mph, they weren’t a target for bike thieves.

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