So, after my last chain only lasted around 8,000 miles or so I decided to take more care of this one.

Scoured the net for a chain oiler, obviously the first one that came up was the Scotoilers etc. But really, I think these are far too over priced for what they are. Essentially they’re all just a little mechanism that drops oil onto the chain as it rotates. Thats the gist of it really, right?

So I looked for the cheaper alternative and came across the loobman. Granted it does have a pretty ridiculous name but I saw reasonably good reviews on the product so decided to take the plunge last week and get one.

Took me around half an hour to get it fitted to my er6 (with some torch light fitting towards the end). It was so simple, but really it is just a bottle and a tube so why wouldn’t it be? I’ve just been out and tweaked it a little more this afternoon just to sort the flow from the tube out and get it a little more free flowing which is now spot on.

For those of you who don’t know the basic idea is; You prime the oil from the main reservoir into a much smaller reservoir beneath. The oil then gradually (depending on the weight of your lubricant) progresses down the tube and out along 2 cable tie ends??? I thought this was ridiculous but honestly as these are in direct contact with the sprocket, what could be a cheaper replacement than an old cable tie? … Anyway, they come along these cable ties, onto the sprocket and get pushed out onto the chain.

I think it’s a brilliant, cheap, simple product. So if anyone’s looking for something dirt cheap to keep your chain lubed on your commute over winter… I think this could be the option for you. I’ll let you all know if my chain lasts longer than 8k miles before i truly recommend it though :wink: I don’t wanna be held responsible haha…

The old yamaha trials bike came with a lube system built into the swingarm , every time you hit a bump it dropped a drop of oil on the chain. But technology moved along and the great improvment of strapping bottles to the side of your bike and spraying it out a can came along .

loved mine … try using thick chainsaw bar oil ( eg Oregon supersaw chain oil ) as its non fling … used to get 18-24k on a chain . as you say bit fiddly but compared to a scottoiler its so much better

I looked at those when I was trying to not get a scottoiler, but I wasn’t convinced that replacing a squirt of chain lube every week or so with a squeeze of the loobman thing every ride constituted a reduction in faff.

I like the look of that, thanks. For under £20 delivered it’s gotta be worth a go.

In-between the two there’s the Tutoro devices which are about half the cost of the Scottoiler and much less messy-looking:


but I never found anyone who actually had one to find out if they work. They’re actuated apparently by the bike vibrating when the engine is running.

This sounds great but if they were in use on every bike nowadays would all the speed humps in London be covered in chain lube???:w00t:

Which for me would mean dumping a full bottle of lube within a couple of minutes of turning the key! :w00t:

Just purchased one for the Hornet… the following video had me sold!!!

see if you can purchase a few extra of the lubing cable ties as they are not a common size for when they wear down