Hello hello anybody there

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How things? Yep some of us are still around.

Hi kev
Yep all good here just popped in to say hello

What are you riding these days? Still got the E30?

Just bought a triumph, no E30s all gone got a focus st now and a few others

Hope you did ok on the E30s. I saw a 325 go for almost 50K at Silverstone Auctions. Still got the ZX12? We always knew who was on that.

Bloody hell @andyp69 good to see you’re still alive and kicking mate! How’s things going?

Hope you’re well. Did you hear the mention of a gazebo on a different thread…? :smirk:

I might have seen it lol

Hello again!

Hello mate how you doing bet you are busy with work lol

Indeed, but in a different way as the Motorbikes are suspended currently :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Good to see you back Andy. :grin:

Hi lurker, how are you, Chris and the girls?

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Hi Ang
Yeah all good and they are growing up fast secondary school for one this year

Sorry Ang yeah girls are all good I am talking about the grand kids lol

LOL yeah I guessed that.

Time goes by too fast it’s amazing they are high school age :crazy_face:

So what you been up to?