Long time no see - Back from the past

Still alive, still riding and now living in Kent (just)! Now on a K1200R that is pretty much mint, with a few tasteful upgrade, exhaust, boosterplug, K&N airfilter and run on 99RON. Slight change in job description though!


Hey Makman!
Good to see you man!

Welcome back, I do remember you posting or saying at BM that you were planning on being ordained. You do look smart.

Wow! Please say a prayer for us.

Hi all. nice to see same names are still around!! I’ve been on other forums a bit, but have been wondering about LB group. Was out on the bike yeserday for work/fun. No longer commute on bike as I cannot take robes etc on the K. Loving the bike though as it is a hoot to ride!

Welcome back @makman! I used to have a thing for the K1200R, very nice. Git ti say, you’re looking very dapper there in the new garbs, congrats!

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Welcome back Makman and congrats on your career change. Looks like you’re lurking in a crypt somewhere, is that St Martin in the Fields?

Biking vicars are pretty cool but I guess you’ve got to be careful not to scare off the parishioners with that exhaust. You can always tell them it wards off evil spirits…

I was in Rochester Cathedra for that photo. But I did used to lurk in St Martin in the Fields, worked next door in the homeless charity for 8 years… Bike has a tasteful exhaust, Delkevic, baffle stays IN. Insanely loud with baffle out and I really don’t need to attract attention from our police officers. The clerical collar is not a get out of jail free card… Biking vicars are pretty cool! I know a few and it is fun to rock up and take the jacket off and people go “oh!”…

It’s when you pull out the MAC-10 that the police show respect. :thinking: :rofl: :rofl:

Hmm. Not used one of those. A nice FN though, 7.62 calibre, packs a punch. But to be honest I was a handgun fellow more than rifles. Nothing like a nicely balanced Glock or ACP .45. I used to double tap a .44magnum as well. Having big hands helps. I kind of miss the combat shooting days, but am also glad I don’t carry firearms anymore. :smile:


Well ya do, but it has a lot of pages :smiley:

Good to see you back chap.

Hey Makman.

Congratulations on your ordination. Where were you studying? One of my former students was at Wycliffe Hall, and now runs a church in Liverpool. Black belt and white collar is not as contrasting as some people may think. I ran a self defence course at Wycliffe for dozen guys just before they were ordained.

My favourite verse at present is Psalm 144:1. Favourite rifle is the SLR, for the same reason as yours.

Enjoy biking for Jesus buddy, or should I say brother ;- )

hi Aceman! i have that Bible on my shelf as well, along with around 10 other different translations for cross referencing and context. I ended up studying part time, working full time, over 3 years and still have 3 more years to go. St Augustine’s College of Theology, which is non residential, has a very wide theological and doctrinal range, so from liberal to conservative, charismatic to Anglo Catholic in worship style. A good place for dialogue and growth.

Thing about being Christian is that you are still in the world, even though your citizenship is out of this world, so we are tentmakers, martial artists, steel workers, IT specialists and so no. Very good to hear from you, I enjoyed out meetup in Ace Cafe and it would be good to meet again when we are allowed more freedom.

Because I am taking funerals (today as well) favourite verse is: John 14 v 6.

Shalom and blessings brother!

Amen to that, brother.