Long time no challenege.

In order to build up a collection of roads in my bike-related “[email protected] bank” for future use ( ) I’d like everyone to name their favourite road for riding.


  1. 1 road only, I don’t want to hear 10, I want to hear the one you would ride right now if you had the time, perfect conditions and your best biker mate with you.

Er…that’s it…me first. I’m an A264 man myself on the London to Brighton run. It starts at Newchapel and runs down through Turners Hill to Lindfield, through Haywards Heath to Ditchling Common where you take a sharp left, up over Ditchling Beacon and straight down into Brighton.

Great twists and turns, beautiful little towns to stop in for grub or teas and coffees and an ice cream by the sea to finish off.


man your road sounds cool

AS previously Posted. B1057 twisty enough you can see your own brakelight (usuallly cos it is in a hedge…!!) and can stop for a quaint tea and scone by the duck pond in fitchenfield…

Sorry to ruin your request Tobi, but this route is a must with fav bike mate

A24 from BoxHill south to jct with A272, turn right and follow along until Petworth, then head out on A283, turn right onto B2138, which joins the A29, turn right and onto Bury Hill!

It’s a cracker!

Or A264 from Tunbridge to Horsham (have to use M23 for a mile), then join the route above (A24 runs past Horsham)

I know another lovely route from Bury Hill Roundabout B2139 up to Coolham on A272

Or the whole of the A281 Guildford to the A23

B2026 from Westerham (On A25 West of Sevenoaks) to near Uckfield. Beautiful sceneray, twisty roads, plenty of stopping palces from pubs ot coffee shops, last section through Ashdown Forest (Pooh bear country). Great riding everytime i’ve done it.

Alternatively (yeah i know, one you said but I think you were after UK roads so I hope you’ll let me off for this one), in Norway, from Oda to Lom via Voss, vik and Luster, Mountains, waterfalls, Fjords, ferrys, lovely roads superb views and switchbacks and passes the highest moutains in Norway… best days riding ever

I’ve actually ridden that Norwegian road and can back you up 100% on that, except it rains everyday in Norway even in the height of summer, so that brings its overall rating down a little…that and the fact that its bl00dy miles away

Actually, I got lucky, on the day i did that ride and the day before - Oslo to Odda - it didn’t rain at all… Day after mind it did, so i turned for home Down the A06 is it? Well boring road in comparison anyway…

As requested - the A939, Grantown on Spey to Ballater road, lovely !

ok heres mine its only a short road and the last time i rode down it i receverd a lorry to the face but it is a good road none the less great turns some dips where u realy feel the dips its a amall road going from the wakes arms roundabout to theydon bois in esses once you get through that and past a speed trap in theydon go straight through and the road pans out into this amazing brooklands esc track surface with hudge sweeping curves and theres a good pub at the end

if u wanna know more il put a map up if you like

a285 petworth to chichester down past goodwood

“I know another lovely route from Bury Hill Roundabout B2139 up to Coolham on A272”

That’s a cracker… shame about the smell from the animal feeds place in Thakeham

The A339 is a good un too as is the A272 from Billingshurst to Winchester…

N85 Route Napolean from Grenoble to Nice… everything you could ever want from a biking road… straights that you can ride flat out, hairpins, sweepers etc

From Sawbridgeworth nr Harow take A1060 to Leaden roding then B184 to Dunnmow then B1057 to Gt Bardfield then Finchingfield out of Finch to Cornish Hall End to Steeple Bumpstead to Haverhill - turn round and go back!!

Puts a smile on my face every time!!

Watch the bends tho!! some nasty tight corners and deceptive bends!!

Good for a quick blast for an hour or so!!

the bus lanes in and out of london

A251 between Ashford and Faversham, twisty and uphill most of the way

A82/A86? Invergarry to Skye. Absolutely awesome road for sportsbikes, beautiful scenery, perfect surfaces, no coppers, cameras, light traffic, this is the most perfect piece of asphalt i’ve come across in the uk and there are countless others probably just as good within a 50/100 mile radius.

The weather can be a bit iffy so far north, but if the weather is kind, there simply is nowhere better in the uk, with such a wide variety of every kind of corner and road. Brilliant.

Looking at the bury hill to coolham:



is that the one? looks good. May give it a go tommorow weather permitting, plus coming from londres you get the splendid leatherhead to dorking road. National speed limit dual carriageway and lots of high speed cambered twisties.

Nice route,A483 fron Llandrindod Wells through Builth Wells down to Llandovery,cup of tea in the cafe then A4069 over Brynaman Pass,turn around and come back.Good smooth roads.big grin.

A339 - between Basingstoke and Alton


A4155 twixt Henley and Reading. lots of ups and downs and left to rights ‘n’ right to lefts of the swoopy quick kind. Not massively long but worth doing if you get over to that neck of the woods.