Long term storage

Hi all,

I need to store my bike for 6 months as I’m going travelling. What do I need to do to ‘conserve’ the bike? Someone told me to ‘get the tyres of the ground’ but not sure how to do this as i don’t have a centre stand and don’t fancy buying a paddock stand?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



give it a good clean before you store it, take the panels off and clean as much of teh road muck as you can from the headers, exhaust, forks etc.

Ideally you’d like to kep the tyres off the ground as they can develop flat spots, but for six months or so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. make sure the tyres are correctly inflated before you store it and give them a check over before you ride again.

A battery otimiser/trickle charger will mean that you’re bike will start first time and wont be killed by any alarms you have fitted.

spray some corrosion inhibitor onto any metal work just to prevent moisture causing damage

petrol left in the system can affect carbs etc but I don’t really know too much about that so I’ll let someone else give you best advice for it.

agreed with all that, as for petrol, drain tank and empty carbs…if not sure on this just drain tank then give it a quick run til it cuts out, that will get most the excess fuel out. a good idea before you start it would be to take the ht leads off the top of the plugs and turn the engine over a few times (hold the start button) just to get oil circulating to the top of the engine as it will have all setlled in the sump by then.

If you want to thorough, take out the plug(s) and spray some WD40 into the cylinder(s).

Then, as ** mr.mo ** says.

Handy if you put some petrol in after that to get it started.

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If you want to go really mad then after you have washed, drained, oiled your bike you could stick the whole thing in one of those Vaccum pack bags. Basically a big plastic bag which you put the whole bike in, chuck in a couple of moisture absorbing pouch things then suck all the air out using your vaccum cleaner. I Dont know if they are any good as I’ve never had to use one as I ride virtually every day of the year but maybe someone else out there has some experience of them. Cost around 40quid from here http://www.vac-bags.co.uk/bike.htm