long shot I know

Last time I rode my Bros the seat was iced up and I was a little vigorous with scraping the ice off in the morning. As the seat is so old this resulted in lots of cracks etc, some of whci are wide enough to let water in. Gaffatape looks crap.

Does anyone know of anyone who’s breaking a 400 Bros product 2, or anyone who might have a seat lying around gathering dust?

thanks, there’s been none on eBay lately…

If you go onto ebay type in XJR1300 look through you will find seats on there being sold by a guy called Grizzley contact him he will either recover your seat for you or send you the cover for you to fit. I bought a custom cover from him it looks the dogs. Good price too.:smiley:

Or contact our very own WASP on here and she might be able to sort you :slight_smile:

or Viking Vinyls:)

thanks peeps :smiley:

Cheers E…

so it only needs recovering in nice new vinyl:D cheaper than a new seat:)

hey WASP - i just sent you a pm about this :slight_smile:

Right back at ya:D