Lonely Old Farts Get Together for Xmas Do

well Ty is away til January and my two boys will be in Italy with their father so who’s up for getting together for a lunch somewhere on Christmas Day??

better not take too long cos pubs are filling up fast…and theres no way im bleeding cooking a xmas dinner for one

i’d rather be with someone than on my own…even if it is Leggy Pete !

If you don’t get any takers from other lonely old farts you’re more than welcome to come over to sunny Surrey and join in the madness here. I will most likely be cremating an old bird or similar and chucking a few extra roasties on is no hassle - wouldn’t want to think of you on your own for Crimble. Then wee boy is off to Kent to see his girlfriend, leaving a house full of girlies of assorted ages.

Choccie…thank you so very much…

i have had a few offers now to join people with their celebrations …you lot are great

but i’m on a mission to get all the lonelys together…but if all the lonelys want to stay lonely !

i would very much like to pop over and have a drink/roast potato with you…as i will be out and about dropping in on others too…spreading the love

bless your heart