Londonbikers stickers

Any news on th LB stickers yet?
would be good if we had them before the weekend
for the Killspill run.

any news on the stickers jay???

Yes! They will be here for the weekend! As soon as they’re in our hands, we’ll get down to the Ace Cafe and start distributing them. I hope you all understand that there will be a small fee involved to cover the non-trivial manufacturing costs. We’ll publicise their arrival on the homepage.

No probs on small charge,
i will look for you on saturday when i arrive at the ace,
i’m really looking forward to it as this will be my first trip to the cafe.
Where do you guys hang out? so i know where to come to say hello…and collect stickers.
Also what is the easiest route to the Ace from M11, as i am coming from haverhill(near cambridge)


I wouldn’t mind a sticker, what they like? got any pic’s


From the M11 head round the North Circ Westbound. So basically come off as if you’re going to the A12, go right round back up onto the A406 as if you wanted to go back up the M11. Stay on A406, stay left when forks for the M1, past Brent Cross, past Ikea on your right and a few jnctns after that (cant remember the exact one, someone will tell you soon enough) Stonebridge I think, its the small exit at the bottom of this map,184250&st=4&ar=N&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=521120&ay=186400

You’ll probably see a load of bikes turning off anyway so follow them.

Nice one savoury,thanks, see ya on saturday

Aye, further to instructions above, on the north circ (after ikea) its the first junction after loads of bridges, where the road drops under the junction - so its a motorway style elevated junction. Turn right over the north circ and head back on yourself on the side road.

Follow the tyre smoke I guess…

jay is there any chance you could stick some into the post for me as i cant make it down to the ace?

let me know and i will forward some cash your way??

I got work on Saturday so won’t be able to make it, will be there Sunday though for the Ace Cafe Reunion Brighton Burn-up so if you’re there Jay can I get one off you then or maybe when your there next matey?


Streetgang, no problem at all. We plan on doing a proper announcement of their arrival tomorrow hopefully. We’ll provide ways for members to get hold of them by post as well as in person. We’ll have loads with us on Friday and Saturday for the bike-meets, but will send them out in the post as well. More details to come soon.