London - Windsor - Reading

Here my favourite bits of this little Sunday tour. Can’t wait for the sun to come out so the roads are dry.

  • B416, A40 to Windsor
  • A332, through Windsor Great Park (great roundabouts on each end) ***
  • B3034, Windsor Great Park to Wokingham
  • A321, Wokingham to Henley ***
  • A4155, Henley to Reading **

Not the most direct route, I know, but especiall the A321 and the A332 were a lot of fun.


  • A4, Reading to Twyford
  • B3024, Twyford to Windsor ***
  • back on B416

Dont miss the A308 Egham to Old Windsor road, 2k of 100MPH sweepers alongside Runnymede meadows and the Thames. Never seen plod speed trap there either. At the end is the A30 bypass, Maranello Ferrari main dealers at the end, lovely cars, all slower than a 600…,-0.55481&spn=0.031404,0.09407&om=1

There’s some cracking roads round that neck of the woods, I know the bit by Runnymede well, and like you say, I’ve never seen a speed trap their either!!

i tried the A308 this week. didn’t think it was that fun of a road actually, mostly speed limited and too many cars to actually have fun around the corners.

or am i missing something?

Some nice overtaking possibilities in that case - but you are right its usually really busy unless its middle of the night.

We were down on the A308 early Friday and the roads were well clear, even the tea room at Runnymede was practically empty…just luck i guess