London Underground

I just mentioned unions on another thread which reminded me about this

If anyone here work in the public transport sector please don’t be offended.
this is not entirely worksafe, but if you’re home and the kids aren’t turn up the volume.

That is hilarious!!! Heard it on peoples mobiles but the flash version is much better. Nice one!

Ha lol!



lol Its so funny and so true, where can I get that for my phone

Glad i don’t have to use the underground anymore, used to absolutly hate it when i was going to college in Paddington. But that song is so so true lol.

It’s SOOOOO funny, I was told to turn it down! LOL

Stephanie and I were cracking up listening to/watching this last night…too funny.

Unfortunately, I’ve now got the song stuck in my head and am struggling to concentrate on my work! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Unfortunately, I’ve now got the song stuck in my head”

Me 2.

Thats Proper!

But I heard two 10 year olds singing it a few months ago, word for word…

Should have smacked the Bar-stewards for swearing!