London to Morocco

Hi all,

If I suddenly lost my mind, sold my parachute and my bike, and realised I had made a series of terrible decisions, how would I get from Spain to Morocco on a bike?

I can see a number of organised tours, but I don’t really want to spend days riding around Morocco - I just want to ride to Africa, have lunch, then turn around and come back.

Also, looking at the roads out there, what kind of bike would I be needing ? A VFR or a Triumph Sprint ST look the business for the ride most of the way there through France and Spain, but what would I be looking at needing on the other end ?

I’ve decided to have another mid-life crisis, break the bank open and go mental. I need this if I’m going to get through this year!

A ferry would help. You can go to the African continent easily enough by visiting Ceuta (Spain) but into Morocco just for the day… sounds like more hassle than it’s worth?

Well, I really want to do the ride, more than just get on a ferry and arrive there. I’ve spent most of my life on the African continent, so going there is nothing really new - riding a bike through Europe to there is the important bit.

I can find ferry’s from Santander to Plymouth for the ride back, but I’d try and find something in Portugal as I only really have 2 weeks and don’t want to be in the saddle all day every day - besides, the ferry back will be a nice bit of luxury :smiley:

I should have mentioned, I meant the ferry from Algeciras.

Algeciras (Spain) to Ceuta (Spanish Morocco) Ferry you then pass from Ceuta to Marocco.


If you’re only in Morocco for the day, expect a hard time from the Spanish customs people on your return. Think. If you’re not a business man, what’s the usual reason for a quick visit to Morocco?

As for the bike, anything that runs will do. It might be another continent, but only just, and the roads are mostly like the older roads in southern Spain.

(Stone me, there’s a turn up for the books. 100 miles away and the roads haven’t changed much. Assuming you’re not venturing off road.)