London to Liverpool (for the TT), which roads?


Hi peeps

As the title say’s i’m going to IOM and wanted to go a nice none motorway route there. Any road suggestions? Otherwise it’s just gonna be google maps :-/

 - Lasse


Inc cat fiddle as a mid heading point

Go over from  chesterfield 619 area  

All depends on time constraints 


Cool, i’ll look it up.
Ferry check in at 1830 and got all day :slight_smile:



Looks like a nice route to! Thanks groovy


no probs. point to note, being first at the ferry terminal does not mean you will get off the boat first so don’t rush


Uhh had that happen to me before!


haha I turned up on my extra wide VFR and they waved me away from the bike storage because I wouldn’t fit


You must have had some panniers on!


oh, that means it’s time for this picture again


Wow thats some paniers! Self made? Impressive


with the kind help of whitepolarbear and his welder. he turned a CB500 rack into a vfr 750 rack. 


Hard work i bet :slight_smile:


I mostly did photo taking and pointing


But due to road haulage constraints it had to moved around in the shipping container .