London to Cornwall

I’m doing this run next weekend, I know it’s Glastonbury weekend and only an idiot would head that way, but I have no choice.

I <3 the A303 but it’s going to be more rammed than discount day at Lidl, anyone know any other spectacular routes?

M4 > M5 > A30

if your on a bike the traffic shouldnt be to much of a problem?

i would go m3 a303 m5 a30

I would go, and regularly do, A3, M27, A31, A35 to Honiton then A30 to Exeter then standard M5 and finally A30.

Great roads and you’ll completely miss the Glastonbury traffic except that on the other carriageway!

As a special treat why not take the twisties from the Torpoint Ferry (Plymouth to Torpoint (20p)) to Trerulefoot then rejoin the A38 to Bodmin where you’ll again meet the A30. Legendary roads on a national scale. God’s County at its best.

Agree with this route