London to Brighton bike ride!!

[center]Ok, so after wanting to do it for years now I have finally got a place this years in the London to Brighton bicycle ride :smiley: It’s a challenging 54 mile cycle, I will be starting at about 7:30, really don’t have any idea’s on how long it will take me!!

All money raised goes to the British Heart Foundation, if you want to sponsor me then feel free to do so using this link - If you would prefer to put your name on my sponsorship form then send me a pm and I can sort that out :slight_smile:

I appreciate that we are in very difficult times as far as the economy and peoples finances goes but anything you can donate would be very much appreciated, every penny counts :slight_smile:

A big thank you to those that have already sponsored me :w00t:

Also, below is a link to the BHF webiste which has info on the ride, you can also find info on the work they do.[/center]



ahhhh good luck baby i’ve sponsored ya, ill be doing it on motorbike though and meeting you at the finish line :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Brighton on a push bike ? you could’nt even make it your 600 last night :smiley:

I’ll sponser you next time I see you :wink:

Lol, well your right but I’m gonna try and make it on the push bike :stuck_out_tongue: Wasn’t gonna blind people with my full beam on the dark roads! :cool:

Thank you to Curtis, Chunky, Josef, Garrett, Alex and Kevsta who have already sponsored me for this :DHave managed to raise about £90 so far which isn’t bad, would really like to raise more if possible so if any of you kind people would like to sponsor me then feel free to do so using the link in my sig line :smiley: Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

Have managed to raise £107 for this so far, have just under a month to go now!!

Anything else that anyone else is willing to sponsor me for this would be much appreacited :smiley: If your not comfortable doing it online then give me a shout and I can add you to my sponsorship form so you can pay up once I’ve done it, this also applies to those who don’t have any faith in me :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll be fine D!

Come on people, dig deep!

Thanks Garrett, went to the New Forest over the weekend to get some training in, done a fair few miles over the 3 days we were there and Curtis is a relentless personal trainer!! :smiley:

Leave as early as possible if you’re intending on pedaling the full distance. Starts from about a nominal 8:00 become sponsored walks up the hills through the sheer volume of other people walking - there’s just no way to pedal round them. Starts are normally delayed, too.

I’m performing backup vehicle duties again (yeah, crap excuse), in that I’m riding the motorbike down with all the stuff that’ll be wanted at the other end by my dad, brother and a couple of mates who are doing it.

An ice cream at the top of Ditchling is obligatory.

Well I have gone for a 7:30 start, will def be getting there as early as I can. Can you have an ice cream ready for me a Ditchling Beacon too :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t it down hill all the way to Brighton you should be able to coast along most of it. :slight_smile:

lol Mark, I wish :stuck_out_tongue: You try and get up Ditchling Beacon on a push bike :hehe:

Anyway, your gonna be cheating on your 1000 mile in 24 hours trip by going on the pan, you may as well take a motorised arm chair with wheels :laugh:

It’s nigh on impossible to get to ditchling that day. Ruddy cyclists…

Since I missed the ‘good luck’ off the previous post (it’s at the bottom of this one), I’ll offer more advice that might not work for you:

Try to not stop before halfway. I’ve no idea of your fitness level, but the first half is the flatter half (it’s all relative!), and you stand the most chance of ending up forced into a sponsored walk if you stop too long there.
Stopping at the top of Turners Hill can be a bit of a pain to get going again (everyone stops there), and there’s normally another stop along a bit (downhill) a bit which is nicer.

The atmosphere tends to make you able to ride faaaaar further than you’d have thought possible before, it’s a lovely day out.

Turner’s hill is a lot less bad than it looks/sounds/is remembered to be. The last few years I did it I was pleasantly surprised to find the top of it so quickly. Ditchling is a pain, but if you’re the kind of rider who can take it slowly and steadily, riding up it’s not that impossible. Apparently something like 85% of participants walk up ditchling.

Put your phone and wallet somewhere other than shorts/jersey pockets. If it’s not raining, along the way there’ll be kids with water pistols willingly drenching all who request it. And, if it’s warm, you’ll want to request it.

And, finally, good luck, and I’ll pop along to sponsor you when I get paid.

:smiley: You’ve upset him now, he is going to do it on the Super Duke just to prove a point :laugh:

Thanks for the advice, all helpful for a 1st time participant like myself :smiley:

Lol, poor Mark!! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe he can paint the pan black and orange, wack some KTM stickers on it and try on and convince everyone it’s the duke but it’s just put on a bit of weight lol :w00t:

I WILL sponsor U


Curtis - I will be riding down to Brighton as my son does this every year and I meet him on the finish line… he’s the one in scrubs (med student). Happy to hook up from London :slight_smile: if you want to ride down together - anyone else interested?? Q

sounds like a plan, breakfast at the ace :smiley:

Ok, 9 days until this now!! Still not met my target of £200 :frowning: