London olympics

Do you think that we could propose chav hunting or the crack relay as appropriate sports to represent London at the olympics in 2012 suggestions welcome

Chav hunting rules:

  1. No man traps baited with any Burberry pattern (fake or otherwise)
  2. No hunting within 200 metres of pawn brokers
  3. No hunting within 200 metres of local markets
  4. No hunting within 200 metres of social security offices

Points will be awarded on the basis of:

  1. Weight and quality of the gold (lower quality eg 9ct) will be award more.
  2. Amount of fake Burberry check measure in Square Metres
  3. Value of Social Benefits
  4. Number of ASBOs
  5. Number of civil and/or criminal convictions
  6. Bonus points awarded if the Chav has not managed to reproduce.



I like your thinking :smiley:

Could we get the PM and the Cabinet entered as the GB team in the Javelin-Catching event?

We could always take the chinese approach and displace everyone in Stratford as they did in bejing … on second thoughts arent most people in Stratford already displaced :stuck_out_tongue:

Ken livingstone for team captain !!

Would Warmongering be an appropriate Olympic sport, in the spirit of the games?

The Isle of Wight could be divided into ill-defined portions to loosely represent the countries of the world with representatives of each country helicoptered in to the appropriate places. Within minutes wars will break out. The best warmongers win gold!