London Motorcycle Museum to close

Firstly, you’ll probably say “I didn’t know there was one”
Then you’ll guess it’s probably due to rent increases.

It’s here if anyone wants a last chance to see it. 10 minutes from the Ace.

Is that all a bit sudden? Visited there a few times, organised a ride in from High Beech Tea Hut one time too. Shame as its a proper hands on bib n braces kind of place.

Saw that on the news last night, sad state of affairs. Hope the bikes don’t all disappear overseas after the auction. I assume that the National Motorcycle Museum are aware and will bid for some of the bikes.

Depends on a lot of things. I work for a vintage vehicle collection, the middle name of the guy it was started for was Ormonde so it would make a lot of sense for us to buy the 1902 Ormonde model. But do we have room? Do we have the funds? All our vehicles work so can we get it working? And it’s very short notice to line everything up. That’s assuming no-one wants to outbid us.

I thought you moved while ago and took your museum with you…