London > Devon > Cornwall

My gf and I set off at 8.30am last Sat to go to Cornwall for the weekend.

We briefly stopped at Stonehenge and Axminster on our way.

We got really soaked by the end when we got to Penzance as the weather was rubbish.

The B&B we stayed at was lovely, the room was spacious and clean, we had an excellent breakfast and the staff was very friendly.
I would def reccommend it (pm if you want the details).

Dinner at one of the local pubs ‘world famous’ admiral benbow was a good choice, cosy and friendly and the food produced locally is lovely!

The Sun ride was much nicer as the weather was clement and warm.

We went through Mousehole and hit Land’s End (see the pix below) before riding back…country lanes were beautiful and easy to ride A and B roads…

We enjoyed our ride back to London stopping at Callington where we had a lovely Sunday roast at the sleepy hollow farm for just a fiver each… yummy!

A very pleasent and quiet ride to London, not many cars or bikes around for that matter … and the cars unlike here in london when they saw us just made room for us…marvellous!

As soon as we approached thruxton we saw hundreds of bikes coming from the opposite direction…what a view, beautiful!!

Well, when we finally got back home at around 8pm we managed to clock just over 700miles!

We’ll be back in summer for sure :wink:

Be safe out there!




I used to do that trip to devon from London quite a lot. It was quite easy too, Miss it now im in Liverpool, its boring doing M6 then M5:)

great trip idea :smiley:

did you take your girlfriend as a pillion?
i dont feel confident enough to do that yet, esp on a sportsbike

yes my gf as a pillion and she really enjoyed the trip better than i did, she just sat comfortably and enjoyed the view all the way and back … :smiley:

What a fantasic road name! :laugh:

i think it was a little town, wasn’t it? we’ve just come back from cornwall few days ago. went in a car, unfortunately, still enjoyed the views!

:)that sounded like a realy nice trip i wouldnt mind doing a trip like that

Being such a nice weekend with an extra day - I decided to do this route too! Brilliant!!!

I kicked off @ 2pm Friday - travelled down via M3/ A303 and A30 - to arrive in St Ives (at a beautiful castle hotel) as the sun was setting (@9pm). Bearing in mind it was a bank hol , there was quite a few queues to filter through - so very glad was on a bike.

Sat: up early and rode down via the back road from St Ives to Lands End airport and flew over to Isles of Scillies (@£70)- spent the day spotting seals, puffins and wondering around amazing gardens of Tresco. Flew back to the main land on an evening flight, again saw the sun set on the back road getting back to st Ives (the B3306)… a beautiful road, with sea on one side, moors on the other little traffic and villages to stop in if you feel a bit peckish.

Sunday Monrning: took that same road (couldnt resist another go on it!) which feed into Lands End and Sennen cove. Hit those early, so to avoid the crowds, then followed the B3315 to the Minack threatre (even if you are no a theathre buff - still worth a visit) with THE BEST EVER beach (sand turcoise sea) next to it. Stunning.

Lunch and afternoon - followed the road ointo Penzance and round to St Michaels Mount. Noon - down into Lizard point (where I missed the turning into the car park and followed the road into a tight cove - not good with a bike on a loose gradient - and yes I dropped it:((( - so I have two bikers to thank (whereever they are- one for helping pick up the bike and the second in sticking around in Lizard green waiting for the RAC guy to check over the oil leak I had managed to set off). Two hours later… bike fine, I set off and discover Falmouth, St Austell and Fowey. Fowey is a a beaufitul harbour village with steep gradient (but ok for bike!) where fish n chips were the best thing ever after a long eventful day. Stayed ina YHA - in Golant which has amazing setting down a dirt track and would recommend for anyone doing this route.

Monday - went to Eden project early before the crowds then up to Port Isaac on the north side. Tinagel Castle is well worth the visit with its cliffs, ruins and coves…Boscastle being my last stop before venturing back bearing in mind storms were predicted I didn’t want to leave it too late and be caught up in heavy motorway traffic in wet conditions - I not a woss, just sensible. PS: watch for the cameras all the way up - it is camera trap galore and I’m just waiting for that penalty note to drop through my door this/ next week :frowning:

So there!.. definately recommend the route!!! Next time I go…maybe do some diving…and a spot of sunbathing on that beach near minack/ Mousehole!!

Attaching some photos to tempt you to kick off there too…


finally have pics…(biked down, the flight a day trip is from Lands end to Isles Of Scilly - around £70 return)








I’ll stop posting pics… before I make peeps jealous…






Very arty pictures hunni… sorry I couldn’t make it x