London garage space W9/NW6 area Queens Park/Kilburn

He fellas, aplogies for not posting a long time, been busy travelling.

One of my two ‘garage mates’ is moving house and thus a space for a bike is becoming available from 25th July. Rent is £ 40.00/month, the garage is dry, warm, has ground anchors, electricity and an intruder alarm and is located behind a quiet block of flats near Queens Park. It is occupied by a Ducati Monster 1000 and my pristine Hornet 900.

Should anyone feel the urge, please call Rob on 020 7372 0669. I’ve had my Hornet there since early last year, and am really glad that my baby is safe and sound there.



“A full stop could be a hyphen coming straight at you” - Ken Campbell

Be careful who you show this garage to mate

Spot On Chunk…

Be “very carefull” now as Everyone and their Uncle knows Where, Whats in it, your Security Features and a Private Number to play with !!