London Dyno locations?

just ordered a Mivv Xcone! :w00t: cant wait!!!

but will prob need a dyno to set the bike up…

can anyone recommend a dyno place central-ish? or alternatively SW (sutton way?)

Steve Jordan has one , did my Gixxer when I had the Two Bros can put on.

Banjax in E1 are pretty central (Bethnal Green)

SBK, 15 Hessel St, E1 2LR, 020 7480 5775, Rhalf -used to be a member on here.

CBS Whitton have a dyno…

BOS motorcycles in Surbiton?
Do not make a judgement on website appearance alone :slight_smile:

I saw you’d put a wanted ad up for an XCone - I’ve been keeping my eye open for one too with no joy … they’re a bit amazing :Wow: Where did you end up buying from in the end?Enjoy :smiley:

yeah been looking for a while now… nothing coming up… ending up getting it from ebay… was cheaper than anywhere else

they are v near me… are they any good?

Yeah, he knows his stuff. He did my old Hornet (Blueflame dual port) and it ran like a dream :slight_smile:
Strange mix, they sell lawnmowers there as well :slight_smile:

i actually need a lawnmower! LOL will give him a ring

I’ve got a lawnmower for sale, what are you looking for?

You can have my GSR for your lawn… :slight_smile:

look what arrived ysterday! will try and fot it for Wends :wink:


West London Superbike have a dyno and have had them recommended - mine 's booked in for a custom map on Friday. Might even try to blag a testride on a new Ducati while I’m there!

Finally your bike won’t be ugly… :smiley:

was it that simple???!! :ermm: :stuck_out_tongue:

Want :wink:

Rumor is don’t even be tempted to try it without the baffle…

might try it to see… but with the baffle in its still v. v. nice!!

and looks great as well!


Excellent work.

I’ll see how I get on with my Scorpion, but can see it coming off and being sold to part fund an Xcone.

Will make it to BM one week though to see yours in the flesh first though :smiley: